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Oil Heating System Maintenance Experts

First Call Heating & Cooling provides premier oil furnace maintenance service throughout Portland, OR and the surrounding areas. As the temperature outside gets cooler, your furnace is put to the test. No one wants to be without a heating system during an Oregon winter. A well-maintained oil furnace can keep your home warm and comfortable throughout the cold season, whereas a poorly-maintained oil heating system compromises the heating capabilities of your furnace. With a program of routine annual maintenance, your home’s heating system can operate at its best. With the high-efficiency oil furnace cleaning maintenance that we offer, you can rest assured your home will be ready for the winter season.

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Our Professional Oil Furnace Maintenance and Tune-Up Service

The professional oil furnace home maintenance and tune-up services we offer will ensure your furnace is in optimal working condition. Over time, oil furnaces can build up soot and grime, which will negatively impact their functionality. Periodic maintenance by a professional team will help ensure the longevity and functionality of your oil furnace. The improved functionality of your oil furnace will simultaneously improve its efficiency and reduce your monthly energy bills. The following steps are included in our fuel oil furnace maintenance and tune-up services:

  • Inspecting of the entire system
  • Vacuuming all heating elements
  • Removing dust and debris
  • Checking flues to ensure they are clear
  • Replacing filters
  • Cleaning all parts
  • Using a combustion test to measure efficiency
  • Starting and stopping the furnace to test for operational efficiency

The Benefits of a Well-Maintained Oil Heating System

Over time, your oil heating system is bound to accumulate dust and debris, which can negatively impact your heating system performance and efficiency. Regular maintenance will significantly lessen the likelihood of sudden emergencies with your heating system. It will also reduce your monthly heating bill and prevent it from suddenly skyrocketing due to a heating system emergency. There are numerous benefits of a well-maintained oil heating system and oil furnace maintenance. These benefits include:

  • Your heating system will operate at maximum efficiency
  • Your heating system will operate reliably throughout the winter
  • Lower heating costs and monthly heating bills
  • No lost energy from leaking pipes
  • Reduced risk of fire and environmental contamination
  • Reduced risk of heating system failure
  • Minimized possibility of needing major oil furnace repair

Contact First Call Heating & Cooling Today!

Since 1939, First Call Heating & Cooling has provided premier residential heating system services to our local community. Our expert team is proud to serve Portland, OR and the surrounding areas. If your oil heating system needs maintenance, you’ve come to the right place. Our oil furnace maintenance services are affordable and efficient. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your oil furnace.