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Starting Your Furnace Installation

When it comes to furnace installation, the need can be persistent, and the process can feel overwhelming. This is why it is important to work with professionals that can help guide you through the process and provide you with any information you may need. With First Call Heating & Cooling, we do just that.

Why Is a Furnace Helpful?

Furnaces generate warm air and then distribute it through your space by burning fuel, typically either gas or electricity. The air generated by a furnace is hotter than other heating methods due to creating heat by burning a fuel source. Due to this, a furnace is a great option for heating your home.

Three Signs It’s Time for Furnace Replacement

Furnace Installation Services in Portland, OR

A furnace replacement will ensure you and your home stay at a comfortable temperature, especially in the winter. Some signs that indicate your furnace needs replacement include:

  1. Visible Signs of Age – If cared for properly, a furnace can last 15 – 20 years. An aging furnace will need to be replaced to ensure it works properly. Failure to do this could lead to a cracked combustion chamber, allowing carbon monoxide to leak into your home.
  2. Starting and Stopping – Furnaces are designed to run hot air through your house in cycles. If you notice they’re being cut short, there may be a malfunction.
  3. Unusual Noises – If your furnace runs loudly or you can hear sounds such as hums, rattles, and buzzes, it may be time for a replacement. Sounds such as these are an indicator that the machinery isn’t running as well as it should be.
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Sizing Your Furnace

Finding the right size furnace for your space is important, ensuring you don’t waste time or money on one that doesn’t work for you. The size of a furnace is based on how much heat it can produce in an hour and is measured in a unit called BTUs, or British thermal units. A smaller home runs around 40,000-80,000 BTUs, while a larger one can be as high as 120,000 BTUs. Factors such as the temperature where you live affect this, as well. Colder areas will need a higher BTU to keep up in warming your space. It is important to consult a professional who can find the right furnace for you.


Healthy Furnace Maintenance

These maintenance habits will help ensure that your furnace will work optimally for years to come:

Replace Your Filter – Replace your filter every 30 – 60 days to ensure it continues to filter properly.

Keep Vents Uncovered – Furnaces work best when air is allowed to flow freely through the space. Ensure the vents are open and not blocked by anything.

Check the Blower Motor – The blower motor pushes air through the heat exchanger to warm your home. Make sure it is functioning properly, so the unit does not overheat.

Why Is Furnace Size Important?

Efficiency is a key factor when it comes to furnaces. If your furnace is too large or too small, your home may become an uncomfortable place to live.

Undersized Furnace – If your furnace is too small, it could fail to warm your home properly. This could result in dangerous living conditions and fail to keep you warm.

Oversized Furnace – If your furnace is too large, your home may feel too warm, and you may waste money on a higher energy bill.

Contact First Call Heating & Cooling

It is important that you are informed in making the decisions that are best for your home. With something as important as a furnace, make sure to call the right professionals for the job. Since 1939, First Call Heating & Cooling has provided premier furnace installation and other services throughout Portland, OR and the surrounding areas. When you are looking at your options for services, choose us for the best furnace installation service.