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Ductless Heat Pumps

Residential Ductless Systems

Super high efficiency ductless systems from First Call Heating & Cooling save on energy bills while keeping your home comfortable and quiet year round.

Duct Less Systems

So What’s A Ductless System?

Ductless systems, also known as ductless heat pumps or ductless mini-splits, include a compact & quiet outdoor unit and even quieter indoor wall or ceiling units. These systems move heat outdoors when cooling or indoors when heating. They give just as much heating or cooling as needed – avoiding the temperature swings in many traditional systems. You get comfortable, even temperatures with no more hot or cold spots!

Save More Than Just Energy

Ductless systems are extremely energy efficient, using as little as one third the energy of traditional heating or cooling methods. And you can heat or cool only the rooms you’re actually using, saving more energy and money! Energy saved is the cleanest, “greenest” kind of energy there is. Go Ductless and help save the environment.

Ductless Means Easier

Ductless systems are great either as an addition to or as a replacement for inefficient heating/cooling equipment – especially older baseboard or electric heat. Like the name says, no ducts are needed – so installation is quicker and easier. They’re also perfect for homes with hard to heat or cool spots like bonus rooms, family rooms, converted attics, & additions.

Residential Duct Less Systems

Get More Savings

Check for the availability of tax credits and rebates on qualifying ductless systems including utility rebates, Oregon tax credits, and rebates from Energy Trust of Oregon.

Choose From The Best

First Call features the Mitsubishi Electric Mr. Slim line of ductless systems – with innovations that allow the system to vary the speed at which the compressors operate. In traditional heating & cooling systems, the compressors are either full-on or all-off. First Call also offers the Daikin ductless systems.

Get Help From A Trusted Friend

Call or Contact First Call Heating & Cooling! We’re a PGE Approved Contractor, a Master Installer with the NW Ductless Heat Pump Project, an Energy Trust of Oregon Trade Ally, and are Certified by Performance Tested Comfort Systems.



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Annual tune-ups & maintenance from First Call can save energy and money, reduce costly repairs, and help your equipment last longer.

Find out how to get $10 off your next service work or duct cleaning.

Super high efficiency ductless systems from First Call Heating & Cooling save on energy bills while keeping your home comfortable and quiet year round.


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