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Improve Air Conditioning Efficiency

Use Our Professionals to Improve Your Air Conditioning Efficiency

An ENERGY STAR appliance meets strict energy efficiency guidelines which are set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). When it comes to air conditioning products, choosing an ENERGY STAR rated air conditioning unit is one way to save you money year-after-year on utility bills while protecting our environment. ENERGY STAR appliances help prevent harmful carbon pollution from seeping into the air and reduce other greenhouse gases.

Continued advances in technology means air conditioners continue to be more energy efficient, operate quieter and last longer. The newest air conditioners have features such as variable operating speeds that allow the compressor, outdoor fan, and indoor fan to vary operating speed and BTU, as the outside temperature changes. The ability to vary the speed of the compressor and fans means the new air conditioners can keep your home within ½ of a degree of your thermostat setting. The latest air conditioners also have SEER ratings as high as 20.00 and sound ratings as low as 55dB. SEER stands for “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating” and an air conditioner must have a SEER value of at least 13 to qualify for an Energy Star rating. Air conditioners can have dB ratings as high as 75.



A central air conditioning unit also needs a blower motor (this is usually part of the furnace system) used to distribute cooled air through the ducts and into your home. Hence, replacing the furnace with the air conditioning unit is often the best way to ensure they are both operating at their expected efficiency ratings.

To maintain continued operating efficiency have your air conditioning unit professionally inspected by a qualified repair technician at least once a year.

If you suspect your air conditioning unit is not running as efficiently as it should, contact First Call Heating & Cooling to schedule an appointment. One of our AC technicians will inspect the unit and make recommendations to improve efficiency.

First Call Heating & Cooling—Your First Call for AC Installations and Repair

Trane-ac-cut-away First Call Heating & Cooling, is a PGE-approved air conditioning contractor with decades of experience. We inspect, maintain, and repair air conditioning units. We also install new air conditioning units to improve indoor air quality and comfort. Our team is trained, certified and licensed to work on air conditioning units. We’ve been in business since 1939 and our customer service is second to none.

First Call Heating & Cooling is a PGE-approved contractor for heating, cooling and air conditioning systems serving customers across the Portland/Vancouver area. Our certified technicians and years of experience have earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Count on us to check the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. We will give you an accurate assessment of whether your current system can be improved for better performance or if it may be a better to install a new, energy-efficient model.

Phone First Call Heating & Cooling for a consultation on how to improve your air conditioning efficiency with proper maintenance and perhaps a system upgrade if it is required.



We are incredibly proud of our extraordinary team and the level of service they provide. We’re not the only ones who think they are good at their jobs! Just take a look at the organizations recognizing our professional standards:

First Call Heating & Cooling is licensed, bonded, and insured. We’re BBB Accredited!

For all your heating and cooling needs, call or contact us today!

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Annual tune-ups & maintenance from First Call can save energy and money, reduce costly repairs, and help your equipment last longer.

Find out how to get $10 off your next service work or duct cleaning.

Super high efficiency ductless systems from First Call Heating & Cooling save on energy bills while keeping your home comfortable and quiet year round.


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