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Trane Furnaces

Trane Furnaces – Providing Reliable and Efficient Heating Service

Every year, hundreds of homeowners choose Trane furnaces for their reliability and performance. Top-of-the-line variable speed gas furnaces, single or two-stage heating, Trane has established a reputation for comfortable heating without driving up your energy bills. A wide range of products caters to diverse needs and budgets.

A pioneer in variable speed gas furnaces, Trane takes performance and comfort to an all new level. Time-tested designs and premium materials ensure Trane’s heating systems are built to exceptional standards.

Trane’s XC95 Modulating Furnace – Optimal Comfort and Value

The XC95 is one of Trane’s state-of-the-art furnaces that provides consistent heating even on the coldest days. It includes a variable speed fan, a dehumidifier, and advanced ComfortLink II communicating technology which can be controlled remotely through a Telephone Access Module.
Trane Gas Furnace
Its multiple benefits include:

  • Higher AFUE, which can save up to 33% on fuel costs
  • Easy installation, set up is less invasive to your home
  • Quieter startups and shutdowns
  • More thorough heat circulation, which helps control humidity levels
  • Enhanced reliability, comfort and efficiency on account of the variable-speed draft inducer
  • Longer service life made possible by a highly reliable ignition system
  • Insulated panels hold more heat in the cabinet

What’s So Special about Trane’s ComfortLink II Communication Technology?

ComfortLink II works with other system components to learn and adapt to your specific home providing optimized comfort and efficiency. Smart controls also allow you to manage home heating and cooling temperatures remotely via any web-enabled device including computers, tablets and smartphones.

Want to install a Trane’s high-performance furnace but wondering about the cost? Government rebates (on qualifying models) can help offset up to 10% of your setup expenses!

First Call Heating & Cooling is a certified Trane Comfort Specialist with access to a range of budget-friendly options. We can help you identify and install the right Trane furnace as well as take advantage of applicable incentives. Talk to one of our Trane specialists about your heating needs.

Certified Trane Comfort Specialist for Furnace Installation

Quality of installation impacts system performance. As a Trane Comfort Specialist, you have the assurance that First Call Heating & Cooling will provide you with top quality workmanship and customer service. We are committed to ensuring that you have a system that delivers on its promises of efficiency, reliability and comfort.

Not all Trane dealers are Comfort Specialists; it requires special training. Our certification is proof that we meet Trane’s stringent standards and consistently deliver high levels of customer satisfaction.

First  Call  Heating  & Cooling  is  proud to  serve  the  areas  of  Vancouver, WA  and Portland, OR. To learn more about Trane furnaces or to purchase one, give us a call or please contact us online.



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