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May 16,2018 by Karen H
Dan the technician is prompt and courteous.  He explains the work done and any problems factually.  He works hard the entire time he is present on the job.
4.5 star-- the work is a 5* but frustrated that the trane A/C unit needed an expensive repair at 5 years.  Fortunately it was under limited warrantee and the 15% off with the service plan helped defray cost to 'only' $410!

new air conditioner install

May 14,2018 by Rick and Sue S.
On April 30, 2018 the First Call crew installed a new Trane air conditioner.  Justin, Victor, and Chester were the installers.  They arrived on time and Justin answered all our questions prior to installation.  They were organized and efficient, connecting to the existing furnace and all went smoothly.  They were knowledgeable and capable and had coordinated ahead for county permits, electrical hookup, and inspection.   We are very happy with the installation - great crew!

Rick and Sue S.


May 10,2018 by dan bacon
the service man was very courteous and  polite. got us up and running very quickly.  would recommend him for future service.


Apr 17,2018 by William Becker
I with to thank first call for their amazing service and products.  In particular, I wish to sing the praises of Adam Herd.  Adam was great at keeping my old heat pump running as long as it was reasonable to do so.  He's great to work with, is honest, thorough, doesn't sell me what I don't need and a good guy.  He is the reason that when my heat pump finally need to be replaced I didn't even ask other companies for a quote.

Jason sold me my new heat pump.  His customer service was also great.  He sold me what I need and not what I didn't need and he gave me a fair price.  I was perfectly comfortable working with him and with the purchase I made.

Robert and Chester were the magicians who installed my system.  These 2 men were here all day.  They arrived right on time, and did a fantastic job with the installation.  Not only did they do an excellent and professional job, but they were also great to have around all day!  And, they didn't leave a mess or create any undo inconveniences.  I can't praise them enough.

With the incredible experiences I've had with these 4 people, as well as those staffing the phones,  I'm a firm First Call customer!  I can't say enough about how happy I am with the people I've worked with.


Apr 05,2018 by Jerry Winkle
Your mechanical team consisting of Joe G., Jason Sunnwell, & Jose H. did an excellent job of installing my new gas furnace and AC.  The system looks great and works better than expected.  I have been on oil for 50 years and already very pleased with gas.  Clackamas County Mechanical Inspector Paul Craig said it was an excellent job ....and they even painted the piping!  Again, thanks guys for letting me get in your way.

Commendations to First Call!

Feb 21,2018 by Tom Merchant
A difficult furnace repair problem was managed with integrity, patience. persistence, and competence.  Two people that should be acknowledged are; Corey, the technician and Megan who was accommodative in scheduling.  Thank you for your professional help and fairness. You have acquired a very loyal customer!

Real Customer Service Isn't Dead

Jan 21,2018 by Jay D.
I would like to name the people I had interactions with first before I make my statement on the review. Chris R., Abel M., Victor M., Jason S., Adrian, Craig, Michael and Victoria from the office.

Now I would like to say as you can see I had a lot of people involved on my project, some where short interactions some where a couple days, but all where extremely professional, knowledgable and polite. The project consisted of ducting replacement (which was somewhat difficult I know because I have been in the locations they had to travel) furnace removal and replacement, A/C removal and replacement, and hot water heater removal and replacement plus all associated parts for all devices 20+ years old equipment.

I am an extremely difficult client to work with because I have high standards and expectations. I don't usually write reviews unless I am impressed if people  go above and beyond with what is your profession and do everyday. This company has done just that provided me with a great experience from phone call to the last handshake. 

The installation crew was top notch in my book they where always smiling and showed that they enjoyed their job and took pride in what they do. When they arrived they surveyed the job site and went over the scope of work with me and I asked some questions which were answered and the job began. I was told this would take 3 days, however the crew worked through and finished in 2 days. The project was done with a level of expertise that I like to see and know I received a quality installation and product line. 

I am happy we chose First Call Heating & Cooling to do our project will continue doing business with them with service contracts and passing on the word around my community. They have provided service to our family members and ourself for many years and have always come through with great customer care and passion for what they do and provide.

If your in the market for any of the above mentioned services give this company a call and request this crew. 

Note: The crew was staged through out the project with coordination of the installation, the process was smooth and painless you could tell they knew what they where doing which provided the sense of ease.

Thanks to all mentioned for your passion and great customer service experience.

Jay D.

So Impressed!

Dec 21,2017 by Kate Comings
My old oil furnace quit working and the company who repaired it last time was booked up. They referred me to First Call, who sent Scot out to fix it. Scot told me several parts of the furnace had failed and that I needed a new furnace. He sent Steve the next day. Steve explained the options, oil or gas, and I decided to convert to natural gas. First Call handled everything for me and set up the natural gas installation. Today Abel, Chester, and Jason Sunwall came and installed a new furnace. I don't know how they did it all in one day, but they did, and cleaned everything up afterwards. I was amazed. These guys are the best and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Great Service

Dec 15,2017 by Ross Guilford
We ran out of heating oil around 6 PM on Wednesday evening.  The temperature outside was around 35 degrees and there was a strong wind to make matters worse.  We are renting an old house with terrible insulation. I sent an email to First Call at around 8PM and they called me the next morning at 8:10 AM .  By 9:15 AM First Call had shown up and filled our tank.  We are warm again.  

I am so thankful that First Call responded so much faster than expected.  Oh yeah.  I had sent another heating oil company an email at the same time as First Call and it is now two days later and I still haven't heard from them.  First Call is awesome.

Oct 20,2017 by Nikki Nalum
The install techs, Nathan B, Jason S, Joe G, Chester, & Luke from First Call were terrific.  They completed my conversion from oil to a heat pump in one day.  This was suppose to take two days, but three more techs came over after they had finished another job to help complete my conversion.  They were professional, curtious, and patient, as was my salesman, Steve.  I am very happy with my new heating and cooling system.
Thank you!

Jul 24,2017 by Chuck D.
Jason, I want to commend Joe and Nathan for all their efforts in the installation of our furnace and air conditioner.  They did it efficiently and cooperatively.  All of our questions at the time were answered and our requests were complied with.  
We do not do reviews for general availability to the public but I wanted to convey our appreciation.  I did not see another way to do this on the company website.  Will you please see this gets to the appropriate place?
Chuck De.

Jul 20,2017 by Cathy
Harold and Chris made a great team and spent  four hours making sure that my duct work was completely clean before the installation of a new gas furnace.  They were very thorough and good at explaining the process to me.

Jun 20,2017 by Paula
The First Call team just cleaned my ducts.  They were really nice, efficient and left the house cleaner than they found it.  Good work, Harold and Jamie!


Jun 08,2017 by Jim Susbauer
I had 2 Mitsubishi A/C units installed in 2014.  Everything has worked perfectly except the covers for the a/c lines from the compressor to each unit (one upstairs and one downstairs).  Unfortunately, the portion of the house where these cover are is facing south west. Strong winds associated with storms of the last couple of years, the covesr blew off exposing the lines.  My home owner's association required these to be covered.  Twice, I reattached the covers and twice First Call reattached them - all 4 times resulted in the covers blowing off.  This week, First Call put a much better system of covers on.  Luke and Nathan were superior in their work.  They were quiet, professional, efficient, and quick making the repairs.  The new system appears to be able to withstand whatever Mother Nature blows up.  Of course, time will confirm my suspicions.  Thanks First Call.  Each time I have dealt with this company, I have been impressed with their desire to do the right thing - advice, work, cost savings, etc.  You won't go wrong with this outstanding company.

Furnance and AC

May 30,2017 by Jan Petersen
Joe, Chester were on time 8:30am and the install was finished by 4pm. They were friendly and did a very good job of clean-up. I was extremely pleased with their work.

Furnace & AC install

May 10,2017 by David Baker
We called Fist Call for an estimate to replace our system.  Jason was here the next day and prepared a bid, that was very competitive.  We scheduled the install for the following Monday (May 8).  the crew was on time, and the project (new furnace and AC) was done by the end of the day and all worked perfectly on the initial test.  The fellows doing the install, Joe, Chester, Miguel are skilled professionals in the work they do, addressed my questions well, explained the system, etc.  The whole process went like clockwork.  We have been customers of First Call for at least 20 years.

Apr 27,2017 by Eugenia Howard
Jaime and Harold cleaned our ducts this morning.  They were very pleasant, answered all our questions, and worked steadily while they were here. I am extremely pleased with their work and their competence. They identified a problem and Jaime explained to Harold what they needed to do to get around that issue.  My husband and I are very very happy with their work and their relational skills with customers.  Thank you!

Apr 25,2017 by Marilyn Harlin
I have been delighted with two recent service calls! On May 3, 2017,  I called about my furnace not working. The next morning, Brian arrived. He found a bad valve, which he replaced, At the same time he removed, purchased and installed new filters. He suggested that I have the ducts cleaned. On May 18, Jaime and Harold cleaned 12 ducts in my three story home. I was happy with their work ethic from cleaning to personal interaction. Jaime wrote out instructions for my benefit and pointed out a fault in house construction that needs to be repaired for effective duct action. I appreciated their care in cleaning up after their work.

Great Service

Apr 13,2017 by Kevin and Donna W
I am so pleased with the service we got. Started with the sales men Jason Brown. He came out looked at what we need for a complete new heat pump unit. Then for the scheduling Victoria was so great . We  scheduled for one date but then couldn't do it so she worked some magic and got it when needed it. Then there was the install crew Robert and his crew went above and beyond. My old heat pump was under house in crawl space they didn't mind, they were friendly made sure everthing was cleaned up. Just a great company Thank you.

Thank you!

Mar 14,2017 by Lauri & Jason N.
We have been your customer for many years and have always felt that your service has been exemplary. However, your ENTIRE staff outdid themselves with our process off changing out oil heat to converting to gas. Steve Erickson has been supportive and very willing to explain, educate, and answer questions. The office staff including the accounts department were always gracious and willing to research if they did not know how to answer questions. The duct cleaning crew headed by Dustin were terrific; introducing who they were upon arrival plus taking the time to explain the whole process so there would be no surprises. And the fact they tried to reassure our dog gives them extra brownie points. The furnace/AC/water heater crew were not only kind but kept cleaning up after themselves.  
We did receive another bid from another company about the furnace conversion. Although their bid was quite a bit lower, we decided to stay with First Call because of your excellent service you have provided us in the past year. We were also thrilled to have you handle the details of plumber (who was super), electrician (stellar), and inspection. As disruptive as a change can be, your service made it so tolerable. We were also impressed that tools, equipment, and materials were on sight. Very well organized!
Lauri & Jason N



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