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HVAC Service

Aug 10,2016 by Mircea – Portland
The First Call crew - Robert, Bill, and Arron - did an excellent job replacing our AC unit.
They were very efficient, professional, and friendly, finished the job in one day and cleaned up everything. They took the time to explain how everything works and we were especially impressed by the great job they did hiding the outside lines, it now looks much better than before!

HVAC Service and Repair

Aug 10,2016 by Larry – Portland
My family and I must compliment First Call's HVAC team of Abel, Robert, and the two Jasons who just installed a new heating and cooling system last Friday quickly and efficiently when our system went out. Each member thoroughly knows their craft, clearly explained what they did at each step, and were eager to field any question. Although professionalism is expected, which they well represented, they were very personable and wanting to provide the best quality product and service for our investment. I thought it would clearly take nearly two days to remove the behemoth dinosaur of our old heating unit (40 yrs +) plus all the other work. They did it in six hours installing a much smaller, quiet, and efficient unit with air conditioning leaving us with much more space, peace of mind, and comfort. And, they insisted we note the cost savings from our conversion to a gas from oil. We already have since the new unit only comes on so silently once in the morning for a brief moment compared to near round the clock clanky clank with the old unit when set at the same temp. 
Thumbs up for their customer service, results so far, and value for the money! Who are you going to call (Ghost-busters)? No, First Call!
** I must mention the follow-up to our purchase with the duct work cleaning done today.
Our family is now enjoying a state-of-the-art HVAC system just installed by First Call Heating & Cooling. The company is truly full service as advertised with great customer care and due diligence to make sure the job is done right the first time. I really appreciated the duct cleaning work done as well by the team of Dustin W. and Andre T. along with their great consumer education of our recent purchase. They showed me how much dust & debris built up over the years already picked up by the filter for the recently installed HVAC. They fielded every question spot-on and provided additional value-added advice to make sure the unit works flawlessly. Great to experience exceptional, quality work and customer-centrism!

Furnace Conversion

Aug 10,2016 by Bill – Portland
Just had a complete oil to gas furnace conversion done, and it was an awesome experience! The work included removal of the 25+ year-old furnace from our basement, removal of the oil tank and all tubing from the garage, installation of a new gas line (no service to house previously), new high-efficiency furnace, new air conditioning unit outside the garage, and a complete duct cleaning (last cleaning unknown, but over 20 years). There was a lot of custom work required, but that didn't stop the "dream team" of Abel M., Aaron M., Jason, Dustin W., Andre T. from rocking the entire installation in less than two days--the new furnace was actually up and running after the first day! We couldn't be happier with how it went. Thanks to Steve E. too for supporting this team of amazing and friendly professionals.


Aug 10,2016 by Shannon - Gladstone
They were awesome. I would highly recommend Dustin Gould and Joe G. They were professional and great to work with.

AC Installation

Aug 10,2016 by Kevin - Portland
Our old air conditioner finally died. Matt C. came right out and recommended one that was NOT the most expensive, but was just right for our home. He didn't try to sell us on bells and whistles. Just the most practical. He also noticed that our 16-year-old furnace was not installed to code and wouldn't pass inspection. Again he offered the best deal with financing and government tax breaks. A week later, Jeff, Aaron and Justin came out and installed both in one day! They were very courteous, knowledgeable and professional. Even Matt dropped by and together the four of them discussed quality work built to code. Best of all, they cleaned up spotlessly on their way out, leaving us better than we were -- with new, QUIET AC and furnace. Also, I love the smart touchscreen thermostat. It even shows us weather radar and forecasts! We will recommend First Call and Trane to anyone!

Furnace and AC Installation

Aug 10,2016 by Nancy – Portland
We had a furnace and ac installed by First Call, and are pleased with the results! Everyone was professional, and did a great job! Technicians Aaron Miller and Abel Morfin were on time, courteous, knowledgeable, and cleaned up when they were done! We just had our hardwood floors refinished, and they were careful with them. So far, everything works great, and the thermostat was easy to set. We also wanted to thank Salesman Steve and Victoria, who answered our numerous calls, and worked with our schedule. (Hope I didn't forget anyone) Thanks to all! Nancy Miller (not related to tech Aaron Miller) and Peter Nelson. We also had or ducts cleaned by Dustin and Andre yesterday, and they did a great job! They showed up on time and went right to work. They took care with our newly refinished hardwood floors, and were very fast. They explained the process, and showed us before and after photos. We recommend First Call!

HE Furnace and A/C Install

Aug 10,2016 by Carmen - Portland
I used first call for a new HE furnace and new AC install. Their crew, Daniel, Jason, Harper, & Steve were great. They paid such attention to details, and were extremely thorough. Their professionalism was outstanding. Overall, the terrific customer service I received was so refreshing; something that's been lacking with so many businesses these days! I would highly recommend them.

Mitsubishi A/C Install

Aug 10,2016 by Sally-Ann - Portland
First Call recently installed a Mitsubishi air conditioning unit in my studio.  Hats off to Dustin and Jeffery for going the extra mile to ingeniously hide the duct work from the exit wall to the compressor.  They were very efficient, clean and tidy, and right on schedule, no muss no fuss, and I would highly recommend them for any heating or cooling needs.  We have used them for years to install and service our furnace and have always been happy with their customer service.

A/C Install

Aug 10,2016 by Don - Gladstone
I had a new heating system put in about 7 years ago by Tri-County, each year they serviced the system and Frank was the worker who installed the furnace and air condition in the beginning and every year he is the one I ask for when I call for my yearly checkup. This year I found that Tri- County ad First call are the same company, that makes since if there is a problem I would first call Tri-County!  From the very first day installing the whole unit and maintaining everything you could not have had a better experience. All workmen were very good about installing and clean up when finished. Frank has advised me about the updates and thanks to him I have the latest and best system. I would recommend FIRST CALL to everyone and ASK FOR FRANK!!!

A/C and Furnace Install

Aug 10,2016 by Charlie - West Linn
First Call/Tri Temp did an excellent job installing our new Trane A/C and furnace. The team of Robert, Nate and Aaron were professional, on time and I was very pleased with their work. Highly Recommended. -- I wanted to add that Michael from First call came out to make some adjustments to our filters in both furnaces. He was very professional and did an outstanding job making sure they fit properly. Great job!

A/C Service

Aug 10,2016 by Marlow - Tualitan
We had an issue with our Trane Heating & Cooling system on Memorial Day. We noticed around 9:00 that evening that the fan was not working so we called the help line. We got their phone service due to the holiday but we told someone from Tri County would give us a call within an hour. Five minutes later we got a call from a service tech and after he figured out or issue he helped us shut down our system for the night. Promptly the next morning we got a call to set up an appointment with Frank that afternoon.
Frank arrived on time and quickly determined the circuit board had failed. After he told us the price for a new board we mentioned to him that our ten-year warranty had just expired four weeks earlier.
To our surprise when he came back we the part he had mentioned to his boss of or warranty issue. They told us if we did a regular service they would give use the part at a significantly reduced price. We are back up and running and once again happy that we choose Tri County for our new system ten years ago. They are the best.

A/C Service

Aug 10,2016 by Pat - West Linn
I purchased a house last year and Frank from First Call serviced my AC unit for the first time a couple of weeks ago.  He was so helpful. Answered all my questions, took great care with the unit, gave recommendations when asked.  I haven't had air conditioning before and he was extremely patient with all of my questions.  I would definitely recommend the company. And ask for Frank if you can!

HVAC Service

Aug 10,2016 by Lowell - Wilsonville
Today our home was serviced by Corey at First Call. He was awesome. His knowledge and professionalism and efficiency was beyond expectations.
I will be calling upon him for all future HVAC needs.

Heat Pump Install

Aug 10,2016 by Kim - Portland
We wanted to give a big shout out to (especially) Nathan, Joe & Mike for a long hard days' work, adding a heat pump to the oil furnace in our 1959 ranch home. They did a beautiful job snaking the lines through our garage and into the daylight basement furnace room. We requested they send their best crew to do our installation, since it was such a challenging job. Well, they most certainly did and we are very grateful and pleased with the results. Also want to mention the care they took in our home and clean up afterwards. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

AC Install

Aug 10,2016 by Joan - Happy Valley
I called First Call in a bit of a panic because the first hot days of 2016 were so hot that I feared it would trigger seizures in the people I care for who have epilepsy. When I explained the situation, First Call was kind and understanding, however, the scheduler explained that they were booked out a couple of weeks and she didn't think it was possible to get a mini-split installed for air-conditioning any sooner. I had heard about First Call's great reputation so I was willing to wait but I was anxious. About 15 minutes after I hung up, I got a call back and I was informed that Steve would fit me in to talk about my needs the next day and the day after that, the fellows would begin the installation! These people really have heart! Steve walked through the home and saw the needs and laid out the plan to install mini-splits for the air conditioning. When Robert and Harper came to do the installation they consulted with Steve again because they had a couple of changes they thought would be of benefit. It was pretty impressive that the techs had the freedom to suggest improvements and that Steve supported those improvements without any ego issues. I truly felt that they all were working together for the best interest of the customer and had no other agenda but that. The next two days, had Robert and Harper here and it was so hot that I feared that they might get heat stroke. They were not only tough and kept working through the heat but they were so kind to the individuals I care for as they came in and out of the home during the installation.  Nate was assigned to finish up the installation and again, kept working through the heat. The system got up and running and it was incredible to experience the relief from the heat. Mike Samuel came out (3 times!) because my staff kept messing with the mini-split remote controls. Finally, on the third time out, Mike and I together set the 4 head system so that it wouldn't need to be touched and I took away the remote controls from the staff. Mike never once complained about having to come out so many times and he acted like he was happy to be here and just wanted us to enjoy the comfort of the system. Robert, Harper and Nate, the heroic installers who had braved the heat to get the mini-splits up and running, also made a decision that I was very grateful for. The house had a roofline and siding that caused them to need some specialty parts that had to be ordered. It was blistering hot outside and they were dripping sweat into their eyes as they worked on a ladder on the second story siding. They could have looked at me and said, "Sorry, but we can't finish because we have to order special parts." They could have gotten out of the heat and left it until the parts came in and I wouldn't have been the wiser. Instead, they used ingenuity and some white tape and got that baby working. Later, Merle and Mike came out and spent a full day installing the parts that replaced the ugly (but blessed!) white tape. What else can I say? Human kindness, cheerfulness, patience, not to mention teamwork were the essence of these fellows. I would recommend this company to anyone and I would also recommend the kind of system they installed---Mitsubishi Mini-Splits. I no longer fear the heat triggering seizures and it was a great experience working with these fellows. Lastly, I want to thank the sweet woman who answered the phone and listened to my dilemma. I do not remember her name, but she could have simply left it that there wasn't a place in the schedule for a quick installation. I was very touched that after she hung up the phone, she did what it took to squeeze us in and then called me back with the good news. Thank you First Call Heating and Cooling!!!

AC Maintenance

Aug 10,2016 by Doug - Lake Oswego
I've been a customer for at least 15 years (at least via Tri-County) and will never go anywhere else. I've had furnace installed, an air conditioner for the house and another for a single room at different times over the years.  Everyone has always been great.  We have everything serviced on a semi regular basis as well. Everyone from the staff answering the phone to the sales people to the service staff have always been great.
Just had Frank over on 7/1 and once again had superior service.   He is very knowledgeable and helpful (as he's been in the past as he provided service to us last year as well).  He clearly likes where he works and goes above and beyond.  Again, I'll never use anyone else.

Furnace and AC Installation

Aug 10,2016 by John - Wilsonville
We recently purchased an almost new home in the VilleBois development.  The house had been pre-wired and pre-plumbed for air conditioning, which had never been installed.  First Call had installed the furnace, so naturally we called on them when we decided to get A/C.  The First Call crew, led by Nathan McCord, arrived on time and got the job done by early afternoon.  Nathan took the time to explain in detail how the system worked.  We are very satisfied with First Call's service, and we will call them again when we need any maintenance in the future.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Aug 10,2016 by Lois - Portland
Nick, my A/C technician, called to alert me when he was 15 minutes from my home!  He rang the doorbell, removed his shoes and politely introduced himself.  He diligently fine-tuned the heat pump, removed his shoes again, then located a leak in the interior exhaust line.  He worked extremely hard to unplug all of the contaminants, wiped up the water and showed me how to change the filter.  To my horror, he pointed out a deceased mouse adjacent to the furnace and recommended air duct cleaning.  He explained each entry on the service order.  Nick is a well-trained professional who takes extreme pride in doing an outstanding job and is truly a wonderful First Call Heating & Cooling representative.  I will specifically request that he return next summer to perform my annual tune-up!

Humidifier Installation

Aug 10,2016 by Mark - West Linn
I purchased two new furnaces and house humidifiers a few years ago from First Call Heating & Cooling.  After about 2 years, one of my humidifiers started failing (a sticky valve).  They were under warranty, but the manufacturer discontinued the product due to design flaws.  First Call came out to troubleshoot, and determined that they would replace both my humidifiers with the replacement model.  Joe and Victor did the installation, which was not trivial.  They worked hard, and did a fantastic job.  First Call Heating & Cooling stands by their work and their warranty.  This is a great company that will deliver superb products and great craftsmanship.  I'm glad I chose them as my heating and cooling vendor.

Furnace and AC Installation

Aug 10,2016 by Doug - Portland
We just had our furnace and AC replaced.  Matt Cobb was very informational about the product and the installation while Joe Ganivet and Aaron as installers were professional, knowledgeable and tidy. They even swept out our garage when finished. Joe was very knowledgeable when instructing us on the new touch screen WIFI thermostat. Great team from receptionist to installation! Would recommend them.



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