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Oil Heating System Installation and Maintenance from the Experts at First Call Heating and Cooling


As the temperature outside gets cooler, your furnace is put to the test. A well-maintained furnace can keep your home warm and comfortable throughout the cold season. Conversely, a poorly maintained oil heating system compromises the heating capabilities of your furnace. With expert installation and a program of routine annual maintenance, your home’s heating system can operate at its best.

Why You Need Professional Installation

While it is uncommon for an oil tank to leak or catch fire, improper installation could put your home at risk. The National Fire Protection Association and Underwriters’ Laboratory have been hard at work developing a set of protocols for proper installation of oil furnaces. A trained professional understands these requirements:


  • Ensure all lines are protected — including fuel lines and the anti-leak devices attached to those lines.
  • Install the tank in a proper, safe location.
  • Install fill pipes and vents for maximum safety and efficiency.
  • Inspect your tank to identify any developing issues.


Oil System Maintenance Services by First Call Heating and Cooling

First Call Heating and Cooling, has experience with all types of oil tanks, including steel, fiberglass, and combined tanks which are made of steel and plastic. Whether you are looking for replacement, inspection or maintenance our team of heating specialists can ensure your tank is safe and efficient.


There have been numerous changes in the heating industry to ensure maximum safety of oil furnaces. As a result of these advances, your aboveground or underground tank must now meet certain specifications. Our technicians can inspect your tank and help bring it up to current safety codes. This might include covering your tank in a composite material to provide a secondary fire barrier. Also, we will inspect your tank for leaks, rusting, or malfunctioning parts. Aboveground tanks, especially older models, are prone to corrosion. Therefore, it is important to have your tank properly maintained and inspected.

Our furnace maintenance and tune up service includes:

oil furnace tuneup

  • Visual inspection of the entire system.
  • Vacuuming all heating elements, and removing dust or debris.
  • Checking flues to make sure they are clear.
  • Replacing filters.
  • Cleaning all parts.
  • Sealing leaks.
  • Using a combustion test to measure efficiency.
  • Starting and stopping the furnace to test for operational efficiency.

Benefits of a Properly Maintained Oil Heating System

  • Your heating system will operate at maximum efficiency — you will not lose energy from leaking pipes.
  • You will save money on your monthly heating bills.
  • You will reduce the risk of fire or environmental contamination.
  • Your furnace will operate reliably throughout the cold season.

First Call Heating and Cooling is proud to serve the Portland/Vancouver area. If your oil heating system is in need of maintenance or you need an expert to help you install your replacement tank, give us a call or contact us online today.



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