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Mitsubishi Single Room Ductless Heat Pump

Ensure Home Efficiency and Harmony with a Mitsubishi Single Room Ductless Heat Pump

  • Are you undertaking a home renovation project and looking for a new energy efficient HVAC system?
  • Do you find that your current heating and cooling system is not up to par with your home comfort needs?
  • Have you noticed that your energy bills are consistently rising and not sure why?
  • Are you looking for an alternative heating and cooling solution for your recently purchased condo or townhome?

When faced with any of the circumstances mentioned above, you have options when it comes to finding heating and cooling equipment that can accommodate your exact needs. Thanks to today’s innovative technology, homeowners have the ability to customize their heating and cooling system to accommodate specific room and style requirements. The Mitsubishi Single Room Ductless Heat Pump is a top choice among homeowners who are on the market for a HVAC system that offers the best blend of durability, comfort, efficiency and flexibility.

Customizable Comfort Solutions Tailored to Your Individual Needs and Preferences

Here are some of the reasons why the Mitsubishi Single Room Ductless Heat Pump is one of the most efficient air systems in the industry:

  • Inverter-driven compressors allow the compressor to quickly increase or decrease to accommodate your cooling or heating needs, resulting in outstanding energy efficiency.
  • A Mitsubishi heat pump can operate as high as 26 SEER and 10.5 HSPF.
  • The i-See Sensor utilizes infrared technology to scan and detect hot and/or cold spots in the room. The airflow direction then automatically adjusts to ensure even air flow.
  • 83% of the components are manufactured with recyclable materials.
  • The single room system delivers precise temperature control and more efficient operation.
  • The system eliminates ductwork, which is a huge part of the installation cost.
  • The indoor unit can be suspended from a ceiling or mounted on a wall. There are also floor-mounted models to suit your interior design needs.
  • A ductless heat pump is a safer alternative to a through-the-wall or window-mounted air conditioning unit, as it only requires a small three-inch hole in the wall.

Mitsubishi Single Room Ductless Heat Pumps for Every Budget

If it’s time to upgrade your heating and cooling system, trust the experts at First Call Heating & Cooling to provide you with excellent service, from your purchasing decision through to installation. As Oregon’s leading Mitsubishi dealer, we carry a wide range of high efficiency systems that can lower your energy bills while keeping your home comfortable and quiet year-round. Our Mitsubishi Electric Mr. Slim line of ductless systems is built with innovative technologies that allow the system to vary the speed at which the compressors operate. This means you benefit from smart and flexible solutions for superior comfort and consistent temperature control.

Contact First Call Heating & Cooling today at 360-693-3311 in Vancouver or 503-231-3311 in Oregon. Or contact us online with your questions and to learn more about our Mitsubishi Single Room Ductless Heat Pumps. Whether your heat pump has stopped cooling or you are looking for an alternative heating solution for a particular area of your home, consult our comfort specialists today.



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