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Lochinvar Boilers: The Most Efficient, Reliable Boilers Available

You rely on your home’s boiler for consistent heat. Lochinvar boilers have a reputation for excellence in not only energy-efficiency, but reliability as well. If you are in the market for a new boiler, consider a Lochinvar model.
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Why Lochinvar Boilers?

Lochinvar has been providing boiler systems for generations and offers over 10 different models to suit almost any home size and any budget. When you purchase a Lochinvar system, you enjoy benefits such as:

  • Superior AFUE – Lochinvar models come with a 95% AFUE efficiency rating and still offer an impressive 50,000 to 399,000 BTU/Hr. That means you’re getting maximum efficiency and long-term savings on your heating costs. Also, because the Lochinvar boilers utilize a 5:1 turndown feature, they are able to stabilize indoor temperatures while using as little energy as possible.
  • Energy Star Savings – All of Lochinvar’s boiler models are Energy Star compliant, which means by installing one, you may qualify for the Energy Star-related rebates and tax incentives.
  • Smart System Operating Controls – Lochinvar boilers utilize Smart System Multi Temperature Loop Controls and a user-friendly interface. This 16-character LCD display has a self-diagnostic feature and simplifies the installation process.
  • Simple, Fast Installation – All Lochinvar boilers (including commercial varieties) come with a compact, lightweight design, making installation simple and quick. Because they require little retrofitting, the installation of Lochinvar systems is also more affordable than other boiler brands.
  • Warranty – Some Lochinvar boiler models come complete with a 12-year limited warranty.

Buy Your Boiler from a Lochinvar Specialist Today

Lochinvar boilers are easy to install, but for maximum efficiency and reliability, you should hire a Lochinvar trained professional to install your system. First Call Heating and Cooling understands the Lochinvar boiler systems. Our technicians can assess your needs and help you pick the right model based on your budget and energy requirements. We will then professionally install your system and take care of any necessary exhaust piping and air intake piping.

Contact First Call Heating and Cooling today to learn more about Lochinvar boilers. We proudly serve the Portland and Vancouver areas. Feel free to contact us online.



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