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Ductless Heat Pump Repairs from Your Local Comfort Specialists

Ductless heat pumps are known to be reliable, but that does not mean you will not run into the occasional problem. Some issues may arise due to lack of maintenance, improper installation or just continuous use causing wear and tear. Regardless of why your ductless heat pump stops working, it is important to know who to call. Calling in the experts rather than attempting to fix it yourself could yield more savings and cause less hassles.

Why Would My Ductless Heat Pump Stop Working?

You may find yourself needing ductless heat pump repair for numerous reasons. Some common reasons that ductless units stop working include:ductless heat pump repair

  • The fan or blower wheel has become lodged or broken
  • Ice buildup is present on the condenser coils
  • The refrigerant reservoir is empty or leaking
  • The temperature setting is not appropriate or the thermostat on the unit is broken
  • The fuse or circuit breaker has been blown in the unit
  • The unit’s wiring has degraded
  • A clogged drain hose inside the unit
  • Compressor or condenser fan have malfunctioned
  • The filter is clogged or dirty

Proper maintenance can eliminate most repair needs for your ductless heat pumps, so it is recommended that you should schedule a maintenance check on your unit twice a year (one before summer and one before winter).

Should You Call in a Professional for Ductless Heat Pump Repair?

Many of today’s modern ductless heat pump and mini-split heat pump systems are self-diagnosing. PGE-Certified-Contractor2You can typically see an error code displayed on the unit itself. While this code is helpful, it does not mean you should look it up and try to repair the unit yourself. Codes are more of an indication and there could be other underlying causes of your unit’s malfunction. Only a trained specialist can properly use these codes to accurately diagnose and repair your ductless heat pump.

Some other reasons to seek professional ductless heat pump repair:

  • You may void your warranty. Regardless of brand, your ductless heat pump likely came with a manufacturer warranty. If you repair or service the unit on your own and you are not a certified technician, you could void that warranty, and all of the free parts, repairs and services that come with it.
  • You could permanently damage your unit. Ductless systems are sophisticated units. When yours stops working and you attempt to repair it, you could inadvertently damage it permanently, requiring you to replace it.
  • You will spend more in tools and parts. You may have saved yourself the cost of a service call, but you will spend just as much (if not more) on parts and tools to repair your ductless heat pump. Most of those tools are ones that you cannot repurpose into other projects around the house.

First Call Heating & Cooling is here for all of your ductless heat pump repair concerns and needs. Whether your heat pump has stopped cooling or you are no longer receiving warm air, call on our comfort specialists. For Portland service appointments call 503-231-3311 and for Vancouver, call 360-693-3311. Contact us online with your ductless heat pump repair questions.



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